A “new” beginning…

Welcome to my first blog. I’d like to personally thank my wife Jen <insert blog here> for reconnecting me to the Blogosphere and for giving me the space and time for creative thought. Let’s get right to it! Boldly!

I am coming out as an atheist today. It has been a long time coming, but now is the time for me to make this declaration. Why? From what time I can muster in between a what is seemingly endless demands from chores, childcare and work, I’ve grown much more intellectually over the past few years in the sense that I have started on a path to abandon my more “spiritual” views and beliefs in favor of what is rational and what is reasonable. I started to expand my mind beyond accepting what is given to me and to embrace the mindset of a skeptic. In the last few years the presentation of information from people through media have lacked more and more authenticity and have moved more towards sensationalism. The avoid getting caught up with it, my mind has evolved more sharply away and towards a search for a tool or way to sift through what is real and what is not. That search accelerated a few years ago which has led me here to make this personal declaration and also to further pursue reason and thought as a way to truth.

As much as using my newfound views and mindset is my own personal direction that I seek to promote and to engage with others, it is equally important to begin to fight back against delusion, injustice, inequality, exploitation and in my view, most importantly faith-driven beliefs.

I think belief systems not based in reason and rational thought are trending now towards increasing their power and pressure attacking what has been established as fair and just. I feel I can no longer sit by and be a bystander and quietly go about my day. I am feeling the need must engage more in discussions about how we can get along as human beings and prosper through conversation and peaceful exchanges. Why? Because what is the alternative? Separation, disunity, conflict, ignorance, harm and ultimately war.

I feel we should seek discussions through reason to better understand ourselves and others. I say, be open to revising your views and avoid the temptation to “double-down.” It is okay to admit you do not know or to come back later to admit you were mistaken.

I have embraced atheism or being an atheist, because of the evolution of my mindset and better understanding of the consequences for not doing so. This journey of mine has just begun, although has always been there within me. I will elaborate further explore influences in a future blog, but overall there is not one part that is the key piece that “turned a switch” in me. I simply feel we need to let good reasoning guide us rather than faith which in turn will lead to a more authentic life.

With that, there is just not enough evidence in my mind anymore to justify a belief in God. Truly embracing reason and rationality do not appear to be able to co-exist well with a belief in God. And, that’s how I got here.

We need to redirect our intellectual and spiritual energy away from worshiping God and towards cooperation, service to our fellow humans and solving humanity’s problems because it’s the best use of our limited time on this planet.

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